We’re calling this message series, “Summer" On The Mount, but a subtitle could be, “Basic Training for Christian Living.”  

Some call the Sermon on the Mount, recorded in Matthew chapters 5-7, “The Christian’s Manifesto.”  But there is one theme that runs consistently through this entire section—Christ-followers are to think and act differently than the world around them.  We’re not to be thermometers adjusting to the moral climate of our environment, but thermostats setting the standard for the culture.


For example Jesus said, “Pagans hate their enemies and seek revenge, but you are to love your enemies and pray for them.”  “The world feels obligated to tell the truth only under oath, but you are to keep every day promises.”  “The hypocrites love to parade their piety before men, but don’t be like them—you perform your spiritual acts in secret.”  “The pagans seek after material riches, but you seek first the kingdom of God.”    

Jesus was calling them to be an authentic Christian counter culture.  They were to live such distinctive lives of integrity that they would be an alternative society that made goodness attractive

This is Christianity 101 for every believer and it’s a message we really need to hear again and again.  

I want Lakeshore to be much more than a big crowd. I want us to be people of obvious integrity; people who live so differently, in such a positive way, that people are drawn to Christ like a magnet.  So please make every effort to be present for this series, June 11-August 27, as we study the Sermon on the Mount.  It’s a section of Jesus’ teaching that can transform your life and our church.

Blessings, Pastor Randy



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