This week we begin a brand new series—a five-week series in which we’re going to walk verse-by-verse through one chapter of the Bible. Some call this one of the most important chapters in one of the most important books of all the Bible. So I want to encourage you to bring your Bible with you each week, whether it's in digital or print form. I want you to get familiar with Romans, chapter eight. It covers some of the main themes of all of Christianity. Romans 8 is to the Bible what Middle C is to the piano. It is what a steering wheel is to a car. It is what water is to a fish. It’s what commercials are to the Super Bowl. 

We’re calling this series “Pick One,” because if you want to talk about the big issues in the Christian life, then Romans 8—that’s where we see our options. If you want to talk about walking with the Spirit or the hope of heaven or the basics of the Bible or being saved from the power of sin, it’s all found right there in Romans chapter 8. We encourage you to join us each Sunday morning at 9a or 11a, in person if possible, or online! 


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