We had a very busy 2017.

January was our Men's Chili Cook Off with Mark Schutz taking home the Golden Spoon until we compete again in 2018. This has been a great event and it will be coming up again right around the corner!

February was The Daddy Daughter Dinner and Dance. This event never seems to disappoint. A memorable night for everyone.

March was our annual "Training Ground" or also known as our men's extreme backpacking trip. Never a dull moment, always full of excitement and extreme conditions.

May we had our annual Fish Fry where we ate a tremendous amount of fish and John Riley's wonderful hush puppies. We had three speakers teaching different fishing technique's, giving up secrets, and some tackle giveaway's.

August was the Father Son Camping Trip, always a fun time in the woods. Shooting bow and arrows, pellet gun's, fishing, learning how to whittle with out loosing a finger, getting dirty, and of course picking up a few chiggers!

October was our Men's Retreat. We joined several other churches at White Mills Christian Camp in Kentucky for a wonderful week end of spiritual growth and fun activities that included fishing a stocked pond, some trap shooting, and driving golf balls into the river.

Not to mention we had our monthly men's breakfast every 3rd Saturday with out fail through out the year thanks to our great kitchen crew.

This is why I decided we should take the last 2 month's off, enjoy our families, reflect on how we have grown this year in our relationships with one another and esspecially with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

As I work on our schedule for next year, I hope you will consider joining a men's small study group if not already attending one. This is one of the best way's to build you're relationship with Christ and with other brothers. Going through life's struggles together, and celebrating victories in Christ together builds strong relationships. We need brother's praying for one another, and holding each other accountable to be in The Word every day. We need to be Godly men bold in our faith, and in good knowledge of the Word.

I would like to ask you to join with me in praying for all our men at Lakeshore as we enter this new year. I'm praying that God would rekindle the fire within us, that we would have a new hunger for His Word, that we're alert to the opportunities He creates for us to stand firm in our faith, and that we act like Godly men in all circumstances.

It's an honor to serve Christ, and the men of Lakeshore. I look forward to 2018 and seeing what God is going to do through His men.

Please keep an eye out, I'll be posting the 2018 Men's Event calendar soon.

For His Glory

Rich Floyd

Men's Ministry


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